It’s All in the Timing: A Jack Harries Fic

Chapter 18…

Jack’s Point of View

“That was your first mistake.” Camila explained, pushing her brown hair behind her ears. I watched as she took a large bite out of her fresh burger. “Never, under any circumstance, tell someone with a vagina or more specifically your girlfriend, that she has ‘no reason to be mad’.”

After spending a day of sulking and recovering from a tad hangover, Finn, Cam, and I all decided to grab a late dinner at some pub near our hotel. We had the suite for the rest of the weekend so we intended to make the most of it. I was particularly excited until Eleanor up and left and had yet to return.

She had been gone the entire day and all I could think about was one thing. Not the fact that I was being an ass, or that the whole prank was essentially heartless, or that I needed to apologize more than anything. The only thing running through my head was what she said before she left.

“We’ve been together for a day and this is how it’s working.”

Imagine walking on a plush new carpet barefoot. It feels so soft and cushy, you could just lay there all day. Then you’re walking without a care in the world and giant, nasty piece of glass finds itself under your foot. That is how I was feeling.

On top of that, she refused to have any contact with me. I texted her at least a hundred times just asking her where she was and I didn’t get a single reply. You don’t even want to know the amount of missed calls she had definitely gotten by now.

As far as I knew, she was off getting flirted up by some overly cheeky and disgusting chav. The thought made me want to rip my guts out.

“You’re absolute shit at admitting when you’ve messed up.” Finn said with a sip of his water. I scrunched my face up. “Oh, you know you are, Jack. You just need to tell her that you’ve fucked up and actually say you’re sorry. You have to work on it if you want this to last.” He said and I agreed. “It’s not like she’s got a lot of time left, mate.”

Fuck. He was right. I had to fix this and I had to fix it quickly.

“Did you hear her though? Before she left?” I asked as I buried my head in my hands. Cam and Finn mumbled something to say they did. “It doesn’t seem like she even wants it to work. Maybe she’s right, you know? We were totally fine, better than fine, before we made it official.”

“Stop talking like that you ninny.” Cam cut me off. I peered up at her. “It’s your first fight so everything seems a million times more intense than it really is. I’m going to break it down for you: you thought that freaking her out would be funny, and she took it more seriously, probably embarrassed. Then when you didn’t validate her feelings she got hurt as she had the right to. She was probably feeling hurt, so she said something to make you feel the same. I doubt she was even thinking.” She shrugged. “And then she ran off, right? Now she’s probably not answering your calls or texts because she’s mad that you didn’t go after her.”

Oh, shit. I didn’t go after her.

“Well.. Well you never told me to go after her!” I argued and Camila let out a long groan. “What?!”

“Do I look like a bloody love guru instructor to you, Jack?” She asked. “Surely you’ve seen enough movies to know this is what she wanted. It should have been instinct to you, really.” She explained and looked to Finn for him to agree, which he did.

“You could have TOLD ME THAT.” I groaned. “This has never happened to me before! I’ve never been in a situation where I had to fucking roam the streets of London for a girl because of a stupid thing that YOU insisted I do!” I pointed at Finn.

“I swear to God he’s going through the 5 stages of grief right now.” He mumbled to Cam and she giggled. He turned back to me and let out a breath. “Come on Jack. Are you going to sit here all night and convince yourself that it’s over so she slips out of reach, or are you going to find her and make things right? What do you want to do?”

I wanted Eleanor. Obviously.

But I didn’t want to find her if she didn’t want me anymore. I didn’t know if I could handle that.

“You can handle it.” Cam said after silence. I stared at her in confusion. Had she just read my mind or was I speaking my thoughts? “Go get her Jack. You’ll regret it if you let it sit.”

She had a point, and a very valid one at that. So I told them I’d meet them at the hotel by midnight if I couldn’t find her, and off I went into the night.

* * *

“Ellie, it’s Jack.. again.” I sighed into my phone. “Please just tell..” I trailed off, my eyes falling on a familiar head of crazy blonde curls. I had been wandering aimlessly around central London for at least two hours now, and I swear I had checked a million different coffee shops. Of course the one I didn’t check, our usual, was the one she was walking out of when I spotted her.

She was exiting Annabelle’s Tea Shop and I felt a weight lift off my shoulder when she didn’t have a guy following behind her. As she started moving away and away from the light of Annabelle’s, I could barely see her, the only light being the streetlight’s posted here and there. I stopped watching and started running before I lost her.

“Sorry, excuse me.” I mumbled to the few people I was violently passing by. I was a man on a mission. “Eleanor! Eleanor, PLEASE!” I yelled this time and drew a few heads from strangers around me. “ELEANOR!”

Finally, she turned around and stopped in her tracks which allowed me just enough time to sprint up to her. I was completely out of breath by the time we met up but I still started talking right away.

“Eleanor, I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, so sorry, okay? It was stupid. You had every reason to be mad and I was just embarrassed that you took it so seriously. It was an idiotic thing to do and.. and..” I breathed heavily, trying to catch my breath in desperate heaves. “I don’t blame you for ignoring me all day. And I don’t blame you if you’re pissed that I didn’t even stop you from leaving. But please, just—”

She stopped staring at me and thrust herself towards me, her arms fitting under mine as she squeezed me tightly. “I’m sorry.” She whispered into my ear. I couldn’t even hug her. I just stood there, totally and completely shocked.

“Why.. Why are you sorry?” I asked, gently pulling her off of me. I gripped her shoulders and stared right into her eyes.

“Are you joking?! I was acting like a raging bitch.” Eleanor snorted. “It’s not a big deal. I was just overwhelmed and I needed time to myself, I think. I’m okay now. I needed some Midol.” She joked with a smile. “I’m embarrassed and I promise I will try to never be a fucking psychotic little asshole of a girlfriend ever again if you’ll keep me.”

I stared at her in disbelief. “If I’ll keep you?” I gave her a crooked smile. She nodded. “Do you remember when I said that nothing has been more worth this?” I asked, motioning to her and then back to me. “Because I meant it. It was dumb and.. I don’t know. It’s not your fault babe.”

“Yes it is!” She argued. “Don’t make me feel worse. I blew the whole thing out of proportion and I took my anger on my bleeding uterus out at you and that’s completely wrong. So accept my apology, dammit, and don’t tell me it’s your fault!”

I pulled her in with one of my arms and gave her a wet kiss on her forehead. She looked up at me sadly.

“What?” I asked carefully.

“Jack, what I said when I was leaving..” She started. I tightened my grip around her without even thinking. “I-I didn’t mean it at all, okay? I was frustrated. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me and I’m just.. I’m terrified of losing you. I go back to Boston soon, and I’m trying not to shut you out but what’s going to happen? I’m freaking out.” She mumbled. “I don’t want to go back.”

“It’s alright.” I told her even though I was equally as nervous to lose her again. I pulled her more into me to give her another hug, my chin resting atop her head. “We’ll make it work, El. I don’t care if I have to wake up at 3 AM just to speak to you. I’m willing even if you aren’t.”

She looked up at me and I felt relief when I saw a small smile. “The most wonderful feeling is knowing I don’t have to ask you if you mean it. Thank you.”

I moved my hand so I could cup her cheek and for a moment we simply stood there like that, my thumb grazing her cheekbone in total complacency. I pulled her into a kiss and I felt her breath hitch. I couldn’t have cared less that tourists and Londoners themselves were all watching as they passed by, none of that mattered. Kissing Eleanor gave me the best feeling I had felt in an incredibly long time.

“Don’t worry about going back.” I said softly against her lips. She nodded with her eyes closed and I planted a kiss against her cheek. Then we untangled ourselves from each other and she slipped her hand into mine, so we took off towards the hotel.

The three words I hadn’t said in a long time were on the tip of my tongue but I didn’t want to seem eager. It was too soon. Even though I had been close to Eleanor for a year, and felt like I knew her even longer, it was still too soon. It all had to be right and I knew that. I couldn’t spoil this.

Our hands swung back and forth and she laughed every time an elder would “Aww” at us. By the time we had walked the few blocks (that ended up being a lot longer than I thought) and were back at the hotel, our cheeks were rosy and our hands almost numb.

The hotel’s lobby was warm and cozy with some middle aged woman gently playing the grand piano in the center. Eleanor stopped to admire it for a second and then we were off to the lift. Since it was actually fairly late, there wasn’t a wait, and we had the lift to ourselves. It was nice.

Eleanor stood on her tip toes and pressed a quick kiss to my cheek, then rested her back against the lift walls and acted as if it had never happened. I laughed as she hummed along to the stupid filler music. I took my turn and quickly bit her ear, just lightly enough to make her start giggling.

I leaned my arm against the wall and wiggled my eyebrows at her. She laughed and told me what a dork I was, then grabbed the collar of my coat and gave me a slow kiss.

When we had gotten our suite initially, I was rather annoyed that it was on the 13th floor. The lift rides seemed to take forever and an eternity, stopping every few floors to let other people in. But as Eleanor deepened the kiss, I swear I had never been more thankful.

I wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her closer and she slipped her hands from my collar to my neck. She began running her fingers through my hair, which was my favorite, and I smiled when I felt her tongue against my lips. I allowed her access and we went on like that for just a bit when I realized I had successfully cornered her. I moved my hands to the back of her thighs and she lifted herself up, her legs wrapping around my waist.

I was pressing kisses on her jaw line and trailing down her neck when the lift let out a shrill ding. I moved my arms and carefully swiveled her around so I was carrying her bridal style. She kissed the tip on my nose right as the doors slid open, and standing in front of us was a very amused Sam, Caspar, and Finn.

Finn smirked. “I knew you’d make up.”

“Oooh, cheeky Jack.” Caspar winked as we traded places, them going inside and Eleanor and I into the vacant hall. “Lucky for you, Jules and Camila have gone out as well. Better make the most of your time if you know what I—”

“Caspar!” Eleanor scolded him. She kept one arm wrapped around my neck for support and used the other to wave a finger at him. The lift doors closed before Sam could have a turn to yell out a dirty comment which I just knew he was holding. I carried Eleanor off and down the hall towards our suite, skillfully managing to find my room key and open the door whilst still carrying her.

She reached and turned the lights on to illuminate the kitchen. I set her down on the counter top and went into the fridge to retrieve a leftover bottle of champagne. When I turned back around, I saw Eleanor totally entranced by the view of the city at night. I couldn’t blame her, though. The living room of our suite was nearly all windows and the view truly was incredible.

“I already feel homesick for London and I haven’t even left yet.” She muttered, turning her head back to face me. I grabbed two glasses and poured a little for each of us. She took a sip and I rested my arms next to her thighs so I could look up at her. “How are you so chill about it all?”

“Believe me love, I’ll do plenty of freaking out the moment you’re on the plane.” I answered. “It was a nasty thought for me too, still is, but I don’t know. I guess I just don’t want to waste anymore time thinking about it. We can’t control it, so why worry? Just enjoy what we have.”

She stared at me for a bit, biting her lip. I waited for her to say something,“I’ll try,” before going back to exactly what we were doing in the lift.


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