It’s All in the Timing: A Jack Harries Fic

Chapter 11…


Eleanor’s Point of View

“You told me you were good at this game!” I scolded Caspar, angrily taking off my cable knit sweater so now I looked extremely awkward with just a loose fitting tank top and lace skirt. “I’ll be damned if we’re losing this.”

“Hey, hey, can I remind you that I’ve had three beers already, so I’m still technically doing amazing.” Caspar corrected me, dragging his hand down my face like an annoying older brother.

“Except you’re not.. because we’re in last place…” I mumbled loud enough for apparently everyone to hear because the room was quickly filled with laughter. Caspar shrugged it off, knowing that it was merely a fact.

“I’m gonna go with a dare instead of a shot this time, I suppose.” He said to break us up. I nodded, my eyes telling him it was a smart choice. Adding more alcohol into his already clumsy body was not going to help us.

“And since we’re winning,” Sam raised Camila’s hand in victory, “I think we’re going to have you go out and flash Tony Lonsdale.” A sly grin spread across both him and Cam’s faces. I covered my mouth to keep from laughing.

“Why?!” Caspar demanded as his tone quickly changed into one resembling a five year old being thrown into time out. “He fucked Jack’s girlfriend, not mi—”

“Alright mate.” Sam cut him off, something about his face telling Caspar it was just too entirely soon even though it seemed to have been a while. “It’s a win win for all of us. Tony thinks you’re gay, Jules has to witness it, then it’s also like a fuck you for Jack because all the girls around him will think he’s gay as well, yea? So just do it.”

“Lucky for you assholes, I have an amazing penis.” He scoffed, waving his hands as he began to unbutton his pants and walk out of the dining room. All of us just sat there and wondered if he had honestly said that before cracking up. Sam, Camila, and Jules all followed him out.

“You’re not interested in seeing Caspar’s willy?” Jack asked as he took a drink from his hard cider. I smiled, wiggling my hand around to say “meh”. “Me neither.” He laughed. The only thing Jack had lost yet were his socks and his belt, and I found that kind of unfortunate. If I wanted anything out of Strip Twister, it was to see his toned stomach. Oops?

A few moments later everybody ran back into the dining room, laughing like they were stoned out of their minds as Caspar struggled to zip his jeans back up. Jack let out a sigh as he spun the board and announced Jules’ next move.

“Right foot blue.”

We all assumed our previous positions and watched very silently and intently as Jules slowly maneuvered her foot around my arm, giving me a perfect and extremely unwanted view of her ass. As soon as my nose brushed up against her butt, we both began to crack up, and she slowly toppled to the ground, hitting Sam down as well.

“Wait, wait, since both teams fell, we get to pick the dare, right?!” Caspar asked excitedly. “Since Eleanor and I, like the champions we are, were the only team to not have somebody fall. It’s only fair!” He argued.

“I suppose it is fair.” Jack shrugged sympathetically. “And if you take into account the fact that you’re probably – definitely – not going to get that opportunity again tonight, I’ll give it to you.” He smiled and gave him a pat on the back.

“And I’ll take it!” Caspar cheered excitedly before giving me a high five. But of course the second Camila said she was going to take a shot instead of performing a dare, his face fell. “Fuck you guys.”

“You can’t blame her Casp!” Sam said as he threw his socks onto the ground. Finally him and Camila had lost something. “You probably would have said something like ‘go down on a popsicle’ like last time.”

“No!” He shot back rather defensively but still joking around. Caspar didn’t seem like the type to get upset very easily. “Well, maybe. You can’t deny that watching someone sexual suck on a popsicle is absolutely hilarious!”

Sam just stared at him with his face all disoriented. “Tell you what mate. To keep things fair we’ll just use a dare generator website or something, yea?” He suggested and everybody agreed. That was about the turning point in our game, when things went from just being moderate to rather… Extreme?

* * *

“YES!” Caspar bellowed as Jules fell on her back, nearly hitting her red head on the mahogany table behind her. Then he turned around on the Twister mat to flash me a smile like no other. Caspar was a rather happy drunk. “Eleanor! Get excited! We have the most clothes on!”

I laughed, watching as he lost his balance for a second before planting his feet on the mat firmly. At this point, I was sure that Sam was the only completely sober person. I had thought Jack was fairly dry for a while until he had released a lot of “cheeky” comments on me, but then again, maybe that was just normal. Or maybe he was a sexual predator kind of drunk.

As for myself, the few beers I had been sipping on had crept up on my petite body and given me a nice buzz. Not one that made me want to get naked and fuck anything with a pulse, just one that made me comfortable.

After Jules had taken her shirt off to reveal a cute, light pink bra (that looked extremely plush and I had to take a mental note to ask her where she got it), her and Caspar began to discuss possible dares that she’d do instead of taking a shot. Then I focused back on Jack.

Thank you, Jules. I thought. Thank you for getting white girl wasted and falling so much that now Jack has to take his shirt off.

I tried to keep myself from drooling but I almost couldn’t help it. The way he coyly unbuttoned his shirt was enough to make me melt, but once he threw it off along with his undershirt, I wanted to pounce on him like a fucking hyena. Lord have mercy on my SOUL.

He didn’t have one of those douchey six packs that screamed he spent every evening in the gym and every morning making protein shakes. His torso was toned just enough to know that he occasionally worked out, but it looked so natural and sexy and ohmygoddddd on him.

The best part about Jack without a shirt was how evident his V was now. He had lost his belt a while ago so his jeans seemed to sag an extra inch or two below his Calvin Klein boxers, and just the sight… Hello, yes, Life Alert? I seem to have fallen in love with Jack Harries stomach and I can’t get up.

“Ellie, are you alright?” Jack asked, cutting into my daze. I probably should have tried to be at least a little discreet when I was checking him out. “You seem to be gazing into my torso love.”

I already had a bit of a happy blush going on, so I didn’t care that I could feel my face getting hot. I only laughed it off and shoved him away (my hands obviously going to his warm stomach). “You’re just so sexy, I get lost. Stop that, would you?”

“You think I’m hot?” He asked with a wink, trying to bit his lip all seductive like (WHICH HE SUCCEEDED AT) before Camila shoved him and told everybody to start back up again.

We had all managed to go quite a long time (for us) without anyone falling until I had to have my left hand on red, and my right hand on green. Needless to say, I fell to the ground in one swift motion, looking like a domino.

“DAMMIT ELEANOR!” Caspar shrieked, pretending to cry as he tore his shirt off. “We were doing so good! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE CHAMPIONS!” He yelled, pouting at me as he took a long drink from his cup. I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Eleanor, darling.” Jack grabbed my arm, using his free hand to graze through his hair. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you not just fall?” He raised an eyebrow. I crossed my arms. “Yes, I believe you did. And aren’t the rules that you have to remove an article of clothing after you fall?” He asked, toying with the hem of my shirt. Jesus Christ.

“You don’t say.” I sighed, grabbing his hands and pushing them away from my shirt. “I guess it’s a good thing that I happen to have another tank top under this one then!” I shrugged. Jack’s face instantly fell and I pushed him off with a laugh. “I’m joking, you pervert!”

“Pervert?” Jack scrunched his face up in the most adorable way ever. “All I’m trying to do is keep the game fair.” He explained innocently. I gave him a look and turned around, sneaking another shot before just taking my shirt off and getting it over with.

Thanks Victoria’s Secret for selling bras that not only make my boobs look fanfuckingtastic, but are also insanely cute. I had picked a pretty good day to wear this one.

“Oh my god, I love your bra!” Jules squealed, grabbing my sides to take in the floral pattern and leopard print lace. “Is this the new Heartbreak one from Victoria’s Secret?” She asked. Even drunk, her accent still made her sound somewhat classy.

“Yes!” I answered with my back still to Jack. “I just—”

“No time for small talk!” Camila interrupted, spinning me around and giving me a somewhat devious smirk. “Being as Sam and I are still reigning superior, I’m going to pick your dare. You are going with a dare aren’t you?” She asked.

I thought this over carefully. I was probably just a few more shots from getting full on drunk. What I didn’t want to do was start acting completely out of character, because there was always the worry of the truth spilling out like a bag of beans. And also, I was not up for a hangover the next morning.

“Yeah, dare.” I nodded. Camila lowered her head and I swear her smirk had grown even wider which made me quite nervous. Maybe I needed to rethink this.

“Excellent choice.” She sang. I looked at Jules, hoping to get some kind of reassurance, but she only shrugged and gave me a grin. That should have been my first warning. My second warning should have also been when Camila didn’t use the dare generator to pick one out for me; she came up with it on her own. “You’re going to give Jacky here a lap dance.”

If I wasn’t tipsy in that moment, I can guarantee that I would have just marched out of that room right then and there. I didn’t even know how to give a lap dance for crying out loud. Did they think that in another life I was some whore?

I looked at Jack as soon as the words left Camila’s lip to find him choking on his beer and Sam cracking up. I couldn’t tell if it was a good choke (did those even exist…?) or a bad choke. I mean, in a way I was just possibly a little bit excited because yeah, Jack looked especially good without a shirt on, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Chances were that I was going to make a complete fool out of myself.

“Actually…” Camila piped up with a giggle. “Follow me.” And so we did, all the way into the living room. Of course people were still lingering around there so I wondered where exactly she was going with this when she shoved Jack onto a single chair and looked at me. “Get to it.”

Now remember that the six of us had cornered ourselves into the dining room and not too many people had bothered us. So when we came out, all of us only partially clothed, a few eyebrows were raised. And now all of these people who I did not know were about to think I was some stripper.

My stomach was doing cartwheels and somersaults and I almost just backed away. Jack gave me a shrug and that made me feel a little less nervous. He wasn’t making a big deal of it, so why should I? After all, I could just lie and say that I was shitfaced and had no recollection of this night whatsoever. That would always work.

I began to walk over to him when Sam stopped me. “WAIT!” He yelled, messing with the iHome sitting at the corner of the coffee table before a smirk similar to Camila’s appeared on his face. All You Girls by Franz Ferdinand began to blare throughout the Harries house and I shot him a glare. “What? I just thought you needed some mood music!”

“We’re not even here!” Camila nudged me. I glanced over at Jules and Caspar to see that they were making out again, and after stealing a drink off of a guy passing by, I manned up.

I lowered myself so my hands were on the arms of his chair and Jack let out a small giggle, sitting with his hand under his chin and a finger on his temple, completely intrigued. I tried to remember all of those Cosmo articles I had read on shit like this, and then something just came over me as the chorus of the song hit.

My hips started swaying and his legs spread open. I was practically on his hips within ten seconds, hovering just above his thighs as I continued to move. Every few milliseconds, I’d stop and wonder what the actual fuck I was doing, but I would just brush it off.

I ran my fingers through my hair to push it out of my face, and I didn’t intend to do it in a sexy way or anything, honestly. But apparently Jack had thought differently, because he instantly pushed me down so I was actually straddling him on his lap. He looked into my eyes for a split second before harshly pressing his lips to mine. And I loved it.

His hands slipped around my bare sides and he tried, desperately, to pull me even closer to him although our chests were already pressed up against to one another. He trailed kisses down my jaw until he got to my neck. He began to suck and bite, then kiss the marks. My hands had crept to his chest. It took all of my strength to keep myself from letting out a moan as he bit me again.

I opened my eyes for a quick second to see that Camila and Sam had left (thank God for that), and the only people left in the room didn’t even seem to notice us.

Before I shut my eyes again, Jack abruptly picked me up so now my legs were wrapped around him, and ever so romantically, he fucking dropped me. I caught myself before I totally hit the ground and stood up to shove him for stopping, when I realized why he had ended it.

Alfie was standing at the front door with his eyes locked on us.

- - - 


i didnt realize it was so late lawl im sorry guys :(( BUT ITS REALLY LONG SO THAT MAKES UP FOR IT RIGHT?? no?? im sorry i really am

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