It’s All in the Timing: A Jack Harries Fic

Chapter 3… 


Eleanor’s Point of View

“ALFIE!” I screamed bloody murder, dropping my bags at my feet and running over to him to give him the biggest hug I had ever given a single person. I had only looked at him for four seconds, the time it took me to run from the exit of the customs area over to him, but it was clear how different he looked in just the few years I had gone without seeing him.

My awkward, too skinny brother had begun to fill out, and thank the Lord he dropped those awful Hollister shirts. He looked adorable, but at the same time, this made me incredibly sad. I guess I had changed as much as he did, and if not, more.

“You don’t even look like yourself.” He mumbled into my ear, giving me another squeeze, but I continued to hug him. I wasn’t ready to let go, honestly. “You’re not crying, are you, El?”

“I’m s-sorry.” I said, about to blubber like a full on baby. Ever since Alfie had called me that night in September, things had changed. When I began to freak out on a night when I felt alone, I had Alfie to call, and when he was asleep, I still had J. Neither of them were right in front of me, but they were close enough.

“Well I tell you what, we’re never doing this ‘go three years without seeing each other’ thing ever again, alright?” He said jokingly before I finally let him go. That was when I realized he had brought one of his friends, and he was watching me cry like a little girl.

“Is this who’s rooming with me?” Someone asked, their eyebrows wiggling at me. I stared at them blankly, my eyes rolling just a bit because I couldn’t tell if they were joking or just being a pig. That was when it clicked: this was Jack Harries, from jacksgap. How could I not recognize him? I subscribed to him when he first made his channel merely because I thought he was cute.

“Wait, what?” I asked, squinting my eyes as Alfie scratched the back of his neck. “I thought I was just staying at the hotel downtown?” Not that this was worse, because honestly, it might actually be better.

“Overbooked.” Alfie explained. “It was either with the Harries or sneaking you into mum’s basement. I mean, it’s still an option, if you’re up for that…” He teased, walking with me to get my bags that I had previously deserted. He slung an arm around me as we went back to Jack.

“Alfie, you know, you never told me your sister was ‘ireallyneedalife’.” Jack said as the three of us began to walk out of the airport. “I would have never thought you were Alfie’s sister, to be honest. Can I ask why you have an American accent?”

“I grew up in the U.S.” I shrugged. I was not about to give him my life story on exactly why that was the case. “You watch my videos?” I asked, then realized how awkward this was. He had potentially seen me dance around in a leopard print leotard, singing Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back. I knew I was going to regret that one eventually.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “They’re so inspiring. Especially that one where you talk about why you’re glad that you’re not Taylor Swift. After watching it, I was just like.. ‘wow, I need a moment’. Brilliant.” He shook his head. Thank God he was joking.

“I’m glad someone thinks so.” I smiled at him with a small laugh. I knew this was all of Jack’s subscribers dreams, to go to London and end up meeting him.. But I got to sleep at his house. That’s right bitches.

I’m not saying I’m a fangirl. I’m just saying that he has a really nice face, and if he was like “hey, my bed’s big enough for two”, I would be all over that shit. But let’s be honest. If he does watch my videos, there’s no way that’s happening.

We crossed the street and Jack unlocked his car, and we began to pile my bags into the bag. I cleared my throat and turned to Alfie. “Does mom know I’m here?”

“No.” He sad sadly, giving me a pat on the shoulder once he saw my face. “We’re gonna make things right though, El. Don’t worry.” He assured me. “You’re her daughter. She’s got to understand. You could have gone to the states to follow Justin Bieber on tour, but you had good reasoning, didn’t you?”

I nodded.

“See? It’ll all be fine, I just have to talk to her.” He said simply before pulling me into another hug. “I have to go home for a bit but I’ll see you soon. Jack’s gonna be your chauffeur for a bit. If he tries anything on you, tell me.”

“She’s just so irresistible…” Jack mumbled in the background, making both Alfie and I laugh a little bit. He patted my head before walking the other way and disappearing in the city. I turned around to see Jack leaning against his car with his arms crossed.

I’d tap that.

“Shall we?” He asked, opening the passenger door for me, which was on the left side. I had gotten so used to everything in America, that this was going to take some getting used to. I made a note that I should stay away from driving here for a bit.

“Such a gentleman.” I joked, buckling myself in as he did the same. He adjusted the red beanie on his head before pulling out and onto the road. There was something about him that just generally made me feel comfortable, and I wanted to talk to him and watch movies with him, but I quickly shook it off. Maybe this was exactly how my subscribers felt towards me.

“Where would you like to go?” He asked, glancing at me for a second or two. I looked at him. “To eat, I mean. It’s a long ass trip from the states to London, I can’t imagine you’re feeling full.” He shrugged.

“I haven’t been here in so long, I don’t even remember what’s good.” I said, frowning as I looked out the window. “You pick.”

“Village East is always good and it’s right up here?” He suggested. I nodded, and the next few minutes of the car ride was filled with nothing but the sound of rain drops hitting the roof, and not once did it feel awkward. And that fact alone, made me feel very confused, and possibly a little awkward.


“Enjoy.” The waitress smiled sweetly after plopping down two platters of fish and chips in front of Jack and I. I instantly grabbed one of my fries and let out a moan that could possibly be mistaken for something quite dirty. I didn’t care.

Jack burst out laughing. “Do you always have sex with your food?” He asked, taking a bite out of one of his own as I continued to enjoy mine. “Dear God.” He shook his head as I purposely grew louder. An elderly couple gave us a disgusted glare and Jack quickly blushed, throwing his hands above the table like he was innocent.

This made me laugh so hard I spilled my water all over myself.

“Oh, my God.” Jack said under his breath, quickly pulling his phone out and snapping a picture of me staring at my now soaked white v-neck. “You’re a clumsy little shit, aren’t you?” He laughed while tossing me his napkin.

“And I pick today to wear a leopard print bra with red lace. Real smart, Eleanor. Real smart.” I sighed, zipping up my long navy blue coat and flipping off the perv in front of me who was enjoying the view. “I look like I just peed myself too.”

“You do.” Jack said, starting to giggle all over again. As soon as my face began to harden he tried to stop. “No, I never said it didn’t look cute on you, did I? I think peeing one’s self is actually a beautiful quality!”

“You’re an asshole.” I joked, going back to my food, but this time, with less sound effects.

- - - - -

i’m already working on chapter 9 :)

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